Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Engaged? Now the fun (work?) begins.

When do we have the wedding? Where? What songs do we choose for the Sangeet? Indoors or out? When is the best month for it? What is your budget? What time of day? Who will be catering the food? Will you do a plated meal or buffet at the reception? How many guests should you have? Band or D.J.? Who will do the flowers and decoration? Do we need a cake? The invitations? And how much will it all cost?



These questions might stagger you as you may not have planned such a large scale event before. Here’s where you have to make a decision – Will you do this alone or hire a wedding planner? But, will I be able to afford a wedding planner? Do I really need one? Are these questions on top of your mind right now? The answers might surprise you.

In addition, to help make your wedding dreams come true within your budget and perhaps saving you from costly mistakes, a wedding planner will save you time. With today’s hectic lifestyles, many couples and their families do not have enough time for the detailed planning and work that a beautiful wedding requires. They work with you to handle as much or as little of your wedding as you wish. After all, it is your wedding. They take upon them to make it perfect for you.


You can definitely do the planning part yourself and that sometimes is the fun part too but it could be hassle. From taking to different vendors for each category to making sure all the details are in the right place and available for a good deal could be taxing. A professional Wedding Planner has the expertise and the skills to make it all come together. This allows you to take on the details you really want to do, and let the pros handle the rest.

There are only two kinds of investment, Money or Time. Wedding planners are smart and a creative bunch who help you save your time & money. Then make the call, book your planners and start building a relationship. After all, you and your wedding planner will be besties for the next several months.  And when the BIG DAY finally arrives, you’ll have not only fabulous memories to last a lifetime, but a good friend as well.

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